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"There are things people say in the barbershop they won't even say in their own living room because it's just one of those zones where nobody's going to judge you too much about your dumb opinion." ~ Ice Cube

About Us

The exceptionally talented Antonio was the first Barber in the Maltese Islands to launch the Old School Barbering business.  Although Antonio’s primary work experience was in the Family Restaurant Business he always felt that his passion was in the Barbering Industry.

After taking a local barbering course, Antonio opened his first Barbering Salon in Paola.  Although he ran this Barbering Shop successfully, Antonio felt that the barbering concept in Malta was not conducted in a professional way.

With his passion and this conviction burning inside him to reach his goal, Antonio decided to move to the UK to study Old School Barbering in the most professional way. In the UK, Antonio attended and participated in several seminars and conventions on Old School Barbering Techniques.

Antonio opened his second Barbering Salon in Leicester, where he successfully ran it for 5 years.  But, with love for his country, Antonio decided to move back to Malta to evolve this fascinating trend, barbering, in his country, with the conviction to share this new barbering concept locally.

Back in Malta, Antonio opened his third barbershop in Balzan.  Success was immediate. This new barbering concept was instantly appreciated by the Maltese. Setting his mind on a bigger and more client-oriented barbershop, and realising that this new Old School Barbering concept was gaining momentum and popularity. He decided to be bold and go bigger.

His next step was bigger, better, funkier, a massive man cave with exceptional barbering services. The fourth barbershop opened with a great class offering the ultimate barbering techniques and services with coffee, beer, whiskey, billiard and a place any man can chill and get pampered as they rightfully deserve.

Growth was imminent, with just one year down the line, this barbershop was equipped with 14 super talented barbers trained and formed to Antonio’s highest standards. His motto is “my barbers are a reflection and an extension of myself”.

As expected, the demand was huge. It required the fifth barbershop to reach more people. With Antonio’s perseverance, the fifth Barbershop opened in the busy area of Sliema. Again huge success was at the door as till today Antonio’s Barber Shop in Sliema is another success story making Antonio’s thinking about the sixth Barbering Shop.

No matter what haircut you go for, a great barber makes all the difference

To make a fine gentleman, several trades are required, but chiefly a barber.

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Our Mission

At Antonio's barbershop. We believe in bringing back the true essence of the barbershop. Through high-quality service, education, professionalism, mastery & purpose. We take men's grooming from errand to the experience. Encouraging conversation, community engagement, and connectivity, among men through the environment and culture that we create.

  • Make Gentlemen #alwayslookinsharp
  • Don't waste the clients precious time, we keep the time of your appointment 
  • We let you chill, rest from a busy day with a free coffee, beer or also a shot of whiskey (Age permitting)
  • Provide a friendly  and relaxed atmosphere
  • Finally, give you a fantastic haircut or a relaxing grooming session

Covid and no Covid

Covid-19 and no Covid-19, cleanliness has always been our top number 1️⃣ priority. A truly hygienic barbershop is your only option! Trust only the best 🏆 #alwasylookinsharp 

Go for the look. Come back for the experience

At Antonio's Barber Shop, we have carefully curated our branches to fit a classic yet modern gentleman's taste of who are looking for the traditional expertise of a barber.

Haircuts are so much more than just a haircut, they’re an experience that fuses artistry and handcraft.