3 Male Grooming tips!

3 procedures you should ask for to be the best-looking version of you!

Long days when water and a bar of soap could be a complete grooming routine!

We are now in a level playing field, with enough products to compete with the ladies, for some men the idea of using a mask is a little daunting, but more and more men are willing to take great care of their skin.


Face Mask
Not only it’s a relaxing treatment, but it improves the health condition of your skin. Using a facemask once or twice a month will help you target specific issues including dry skin, clogged pores, acne and blackheads, fine lines, wrinkles and dead skin. There are several options out in the world, and most are a clay, gel or putty product in a pot or tube. Some come as a sheet mask which you unfold and place over the face, and some contain special ingredients to give different effects. Our choice is Charcoal, it is very popular and helps to draw dirt and bacteria from the pores to the surface of the skin.

Nose Hair Removal
Nostril hair can be a major concern for some people, especially if it starts to make unwelcome and unsightly appearances outside the nose. Although the nose hair removal is becoming an increasingly popular service in certain barbershops, for us it’s a controversial area, as we consider unsafe and dangerous due to the very thin veins inside the nose.
Noses can be full of dust, bacteria and viruses, as nasal hair filters the air you breathe in every day. When you pluck or wax nasal hair, germs and particles near the follicle can get inside and cause infections. In addition, medical experts consider there is a “danger triangle” – the area of the face between mouth and nose – where infections may be passed on into the brain.
If the nostril hair does not grow too quickly, we suggest asking your barber to trim external nostril hair with scissors or trimmers. The barber will recommend a zero cost and painless experience all-day every day.

As men begin to realise that small details can make a huge difference to their appearance, eyebrow shaping is becoming increasingly popular. Whether reshaping a mono-brow (The Bridge) or just tame overall bushiness, eyebrow threading is a great service for you! Threading originated in Asia and has recently gained popularity in western countries. It involves a thin cotton thread which is doubled, then twisted. When rolled over areas of unwanted hair, it plucks the hair or the follicle.

The benefits of threading over other hair removal techniques is that unlike tweezing, where single hairs are pulled out, threading can remove rows of hair at a time. Threading is also more precise than waxing. When booking, if you require threading ask the receptionist to book you in with a barber that offer this as service. #alwayslookinsharp #mensgroomingedition

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