5 Mistakes during SHOWER TIME bro!

5 Mistakes that happen during SHOWER TIME that might harm your health!

Guess what, did you know that you might be making mistakes while taking a shower? Did you know that you might be harming not just your skin but also your general health? Here are some mistakes you need to avoid while showering!

Why you should avoid taking a shower when there is a thunder or lightning storm ⛈️

From a study by the University of Illinois at Chicago Mary M. Cooper, it is suggested to avoid showering when strong thunders and lightning storms are outside, no matter if close or far. Electricity can pass through pipeline and cables, causing grave dangers to human health. It is suggested avoiding not only the shower but the bath, washing dishes, playing computer games and wired telephone calls.

Using Outdated shower head

A study done in London revealed that about one-third of households used shower heads, in Malta almost every household. It is possible to find dangerous bacteria which can harm your health. The small holes of the shower head are constantly moist and is an ideal place for bacteria to prolificate, thus implies that the shower head needs to be cleaned on a regular basis or also replacing the head yearly. Some modern shower heads that cost a limb do not require to be replaced, but it is easy to be dismantled and cleaned properly. Basically, by taking care of your shower head you are directly taking care of yourself and your family.

Do not wash your washing sponges

The one item you think is clean, it’s the opposite. The bath sponge is definitely not the cleanest thing in your shower. Changing it every month and washing it every week is highly recommended. You might be asking how to wash the bl00dy sponge? Experts recommend dipping it in plenty of diluted bicarbonate of soda or vinegar. The sponge needs to be washed and dried well, hang it in the balcony and let our Maltese sun do it’s magic. The next time you use it, make sure its completely dry.

Shower without a mat

No mat? A daredevil you are! <=(⬤‿⬤)=> According to a study done in the UK, 150k injuries incurred in the shower or bath due to slippery surfaces. Experts strongly suggest to use a bath mat both in the shower and bath to reduce the chance of getting substantially injured. Do not forget to also clean the mat on a regular basis to kill all potential germs gathering. PS:  A stylish rug will protect you from both injuring yourself and a bad looking bathroom.

Bathe before bedtime

Some people including you, yes you might think that showering before bedtime will save you time in the morning. Firstly, that is grouse, showering is recommended to be done twice a day, before sleep and on waking up. For two reasons, mainly clean and fresh for a day ahead, and clean for the sheets and dreams. Experts say that it is not recommended to bathe or shower before going to bed, because in such a case, falling asleep will be much harder. If so, it is recommended to shower at least 1 to 2 hours prior to bed time, the temperature change might inflict in your quality of sleep.

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