by Daniel Camilleri

Ambassador Bromance!

Why do we love our ambassadors so much? Because they love us even more in return, they love our brand, our service and our products! It’s a harmonious balance, we just enjoy their company and having a man to barber bromance relationship and ultimately make them leave our barbershop looking sharp. We have listed our gentlemen below with a small bio and their favourite services. “It’s genuine, it’s real, and we love it”

Ryan & Josmar

Ryan and Josmar – we’ve been working together for 14 years. Unbelievable how time has passed. We are embarking on our 12th season of the Saturday afternoon entertainment show Sibtek on TVM. This program is our baby and it has now practically become our whole life. We speak about this tv show 24/7 literally. We live together and feel we are very adventurous meaning nothing is way too scary for us. We love challenges. Our life revolves around production, marketing, travelling and a million other things. A healthy lifestyle is kind of our new addition in our everyday routine and believe it or not we are LOVING it.

Preferred Services:

  • Ryan: Hair Cut & Beard Grooming & Eye Brow Threading
  • Josmar: Hair Cur & Beard Grooming & Eye Brow Threading

Airport Impressions

Airport Impressions, the beloved Maltese band behind tunes like ‘Walk With Me’ and ‘Berlin’ and latest release ‘Why Are We Here” are proud to be ambassadors for Antonio’s Barber Shop. The partnership keeps the band lookin sharp and stage-ready. Although this year has been a strange one for all bands with a lot of changes to live gigs.  Airport Impressions is fired up to rock the stages again.  As frontman Errol Sammut feels “For us, music has always been a means to talk about what we want to talk about and pass a message to whoever decides to form part of this ride.”  Thank you so much for being a part of this musical journey we have embarked on twelve years ago and which is still going strong. Please keep following the band on their social media platforms and ! New music coming soon!

Preferred Service:

    • Errol: Haircut & Beard Grooming
    • Daniel: Haircut & Clean Shave
    • Daryl: Clipper Cut and Beard Grooming
    • Ryan: Clipper Cut and Beard Grooming

Joven Grech

Joven Grech aka Tenishia has worked his way from the local industry to become Malta’s most internationally recognised Electronic Dance DJ. With five consecutive rankings in the DJ MAG Top 100 DJs list, numerous international releases on renowned electronic dance labels and 12 years of World touring experience under his belt, Joven has played most of the major clubs and festivals on the planet.

  • Preferred Service: Haircut & Beard Grooming

Bearnie & Pod

The name Bernie & Pod was derived from the founder band members’ name and profession…Bernie for Bernard and Pod for Ivan’s profession (Podiatry). Bernard and Ivan have known each other for more than 20 years and in 2014 they decided to raise funds for children being taken care of by the Ursuline Sisters by performing an acoustic gig. In 2015 Duncan was invited to join the acoustic duo as a percussionist. The band never looked back and together as a team they strive to produce innovative and unique music.

Bernie & Pod do their utmost to produce innovative and unique kind of music, mainly in Maltese. The band has released four original songs, each song being accompanied with a music video. Apart from their original productions, they also perform in different local festivals and have been invited to perform in well-known events such as The Farsons Great Beer Festival, Rockestra and Birgu Fest. They also perform in various pubs around the Maltese Islands where they are distinguished for the vibe they create throughout their gigs.

Preferred Service:

  • Iva: Hair Cut & Beard Grooming
  • Bernard: Head Shave and Beard Grooming
  • Duncan: Hair Cut & Beard Grooming

PJ Vassallo

PJ Vassallo Mintoff is the CEO of We Media Ltd. PJ Vassallo has produced and/or directed several award-winning television programmes including discussion programmes, children’s programmes, documentaries, game shows and entertainment. Productions which he has directed and/or produced/co-ordinated and originated include Hadd Ghalik, Tough Luck, Deal or no deal, Tikka, Pjazza, il-Kotra qamet f’daqqa u ghajtet, Xarabank, Mhux Grande Fratello, Virtwali, Viva Malta, Caravaggio, Lajf and Owkej. PJ has also co-ordinated a number of projects, ranging from TV commercials to marathon charity events, to National events of the likes of the GOZO 1234, the Malta International Fireworks Festival, Chogm 2005 opening show and Welcomeurope. He graduated with Honours in Communications, (Majoring in Sociology) from the University of Malta in 1999.

Preferred Service:

  • Head Shave and Beard grooming

Ludwig Farrugia

My name is Ludwig Farrugia and I have been in the property industry for 10 + years. In our industry, the first impression is key and that means being groomed well is important, especially when having a full beard like me. We meet hundreds of people throughout the year and it is of utmost importance for us to give the best service possible. Most of our buyers and sellers give us the opportunity to assist them and guide them to buy or sell their home, which is most of the cases, the largest investment in their lives. I also act on local TV and have been doing adverts for a while too. Antonio’s Barber Shop not only gives me the best service and pampers me whenever I have an appointment with them, but they also understand my need for filming continuity in the look I would have chosen in that series or project I’ll be on. Thank you, Antonio’s Barber Shop, for your professionalism and constant support.

Preferred Service:

  • Head Shave and Beard grooming

Jason ‘Jay’ Zammit

 Jay is a local radio veteran of over 25 years! He got his start on the original Radio Calypso 102.3 at the tender age of 20 and has never looked back. He’s covered everything from sports shows to news to chart shows to both Drive Time and Breakfast shows. (he even hosted a Saturday night 50s/60s 👯 music show called ‘Jukebox Saturday Night’)

Jay started doing voice-overs even before his radio career and has since lent his dulcet tones to over 1,400 scripts!! Chances are you’ve heard Jay’s voice at home, in your car, at the pub or even at the cinema. Basically he’s a self-confessed #voiceslut

Jay has had the privilege to host massive event & interview some big time VIPS on-air including John Arne Riise, The Bee Gees’ Robin Gibb, DJ Tony Blackburn, Eric Prydz, Nolberto Solano, Amy Studt, Shola Ama, Sir Ken Bates & Eric Morillo. Since 2014, Jay has been Station Manager & The Breakfast Host at XFM 100.2. You can hear him every morning from 7am with his co-host Corrine Muscat!

Preferred Service:

  • Head Shave & Beard Grooming

  • #respect
  • #alwayslookinsharp

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