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New Client

If it’s your first time at Antonio’s Barber Shop, ask our reception team for advise. You can show them a picture of the internet or one of your own previous hair cut and we will guide you to the right barber.

Returning client

It is natural, that not all barbers are equal. Their skill might be, or trained by Antonio himself but typically if you are unhappy with the haircut you just received you can always tell the reception to book you with a new barber for the next appointment. They will direct you to the right person and we are sure that your second try will be satisfactory. 

Expert Advise

If Antonio is around, ask him and he will gladly point you to the right barber. 

step 1

Easy, through our newly launched booking system, click here and get started: Book Now

step 2

You can either call us or WhatsApp us on +356 99374443 or finally you can always have a chat with us on our socials: FB & Insta.

step 1

First and formost you need a consultation, it is best to pop in at our Balzan Barber Shop and speak to our receptionist. Why? Check Step 2

step 2

Not all hair and beard are the same, lenght, health and many other factors. Depending on the work or even colour reuquries, it is best to be consulted (ABSOLUTLY FREE) by our team. Time need and price will be quoted on the spot and if you are lucky and there is space in the shop we will get started.

step 1

Our full price list can be found here.

step 2

If you require assitance, please do not hesitate to speak to one of our reception team. 

Kids under the age of 12, his haircut is discounted to €14 instead of €16. Some sort of identification will be requested if needed.

step 1

Mullet! No Mullets at Antonio’s Barber Shop. Check Step 2.

step 2

We are just kidding, we will do any haircut you desire. BUT, there is always a BUT. We can do it if it is only possible, for example we cannot do curly hair if you are bold or straighten hair when it might cause even more damage to your already damaged hair. For children under the age of 12 we would require the adult accompanying him for confirmation of requested hair cut, especially if it’s out of the ordinary.

More info?

If you require further assistance, you can contact us and we will be very happy to be of help. 

How? WhatsApp, Facebook Chat, Call, Email, Pigeon? We got you covered. 🙂 

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