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We have two seperated stores one in balzan and one in Sliema, check out who are the people doing the magic

The Executive Team - Balzan



Old School Barber

Meet Antonio, the Old School Master Barber we call “The BOSS”, he possesses more than 19 years’ experience in Old School Barbering. He thinks everybody is his brother, hence the famous greeting “Aw Brooo”. Ex-Chef, Ex-Military Sniper, Ex-Barman, Antonio picked up his grandfather’s trade and followed his footsteps in becoming Malta’s most notorious and respected Barber. On his free days, his favourite activities are Clay Pigeon Shooting and Motorcycle riding with his son.


Old School Barber

Meet Alejandro, our Spanish Barber from Vigo stationed in The Executive Room in Balzan. After back and forth between Malta and Spain as an Erasmus student under Antonio’s guidance and training, the padawan is now celebrating his first 1-year anniversary with Antonio’s Barbershop. He now has 3 years’ experience in Old School Barbering and many more playing “Bocci” known as Bowls in English. Travelling for concerts and quality time with the GF at the beach is a must.


Old School Barber

Meet Ryan, our latest addition to the family. He holds 8 years old school barbering experience and is super talented with scissors. He was welcomed at Antonio’s Barbershop and trained to be a true Old School Barber. Recently married and joined the married men club. Loves action movies, cooking and tuning his beloved BMW back home.

Barber Team - Balzan



Old School Barber

Meet Emilio, the barber with Juventus in his DNA. He possesses more than 15 years’ experience in Old School barbering and a passion for football. Plays 5 and 11 a side with friends on a religious routine. #finoallafine


Old School Barber

Meet Sal, one of our resident barbers with tons of experience under his belt. He is a father of a one-month-old baby girl, loves playing badminton, reading and cooking amazing ethnic food. He is ready to blow your mind!


Old School Barber

Meet Necmi, our Turkish Barber with experience to sell. 30 year’s Old School Barbering is no joke. He loves to party, cooking great food and sports such as long-distance swimming and trecking.


Old School Barber

Meet Rock, the silent slicer from Lohan in Pakistan. He carries 14 years of Old School Barbering experience both in Australia and Malta. He is a big fan of Cricket both playing and watching the fascinating sport. Apart from travelling like all of us, he is also a freak for kites as his motto is “Kites rise highest against the wind – not with it”.


Old School Barber

Meet Sam, Our latest addition to the family, sam has over 15 years of experience in barbering. A husband and father of a 14-year-old gentleman. He enjoyed long walks, cooking movies and long rides in his car. Sam Speaks English, Arabic, Hindi and Urdu.

Barber Team - Sliema



Old School Barber

💈Meet Revan, our latest addition to our family. ✂️ Revan is from Hyderabad, India. He possesses 17 years of experience in old-school barbering. He is a Netflix & Chill kind of guy and loves comedies and stand-ups. 🎤  In his free time, he enjoyed swimming and diving very much. 👊


Old School Barber

Meet Andy, our latest addition to the Balzan Team! 💈Just 20 years of age, with over 5 years experience in barbering. He really enjoys watching ⚽ football, is an ace in billiard and an amazing cook! 🥘 He is ready to welcome you and get you #alwayslookinsharp


Old School Barber

Meet Vikram, a father of one, cricket enthusiast, Pakistani team supporter and an awesome old school barber. He is ready to welcome you to our Sliema Branch to simply get you Lookin Sharp


Old School Barber

Justin is a local barber from the south of Malta, he possesses 2 years of experience in old-school barbering trained by Antonio’s Academy. In his free time, he enjoyed Latin dancing with his better half.

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