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How to care for your hair and skin after summer!

How to care for your hair and skin after summer!

Sadly for some but thankful for others, the long hot summer days are coming to an end and we welcome some fresh breeze.

Sun, sea and pool water can be tough on your hair and your skin, especially on your face and head. Many factors such as the high UV rays mixed with salt or pool water can quickly damage hair and it will feel straw-like and brittle, while skin would have lost its moisture and looks dry. As always, the best remedy is precaution is better than cure, but maybe you were too busy enjoying yourself and now it’s time to work on them, you can restore that shine in your hair and moisturize your skin to look your best once again and think of the winter elements, of which thankfully is short and not too hard on us!! Follow these simple tips for the most effective care.



The hair cuticle which is the outer layer of the hair shaft consists of overlapping cells. Its job is to protect the hair from environmental elements such as UV rays which will leave your hair looking brittle and dry. To strengthen that cuticle again, only one thing helps, use our shampoo to wash your hair (wash your hair once with the shampoo if you do not use any gels or waxes on your hair or twice with the shampoo if you do) after rinsing the shampoo out completely use our conditioner and leave for 2 to 5 minutes or so before rinsing it out completely. You will immediately feel the difference in the texture of your hair no matter how long or short your hair is. This will also help with dry skin and will avoid dandruff.
Our shampoo and conditioner can be used on a daily basis.


2. Take care of the skin on your face and your head:

Once again due to the UV rays, your skin loses its natural oils and the only way to help those natural oils is to apply our Beard Moisturiser which can be used all over the face and head. It can also be used on your arms and legs if needed and especially around your elbows. There are many moisturizing products out there for you to use, but our Beard Moisturiser (NOT BEARD OIL) has a manly scent that includes sandalwood (not a flower smell) and is specifically made for our Maltese weather. How to apply: after you wash your skin apply a small amount (we do not want you to look like you are ready to go in a frying pan) and rub it on any area that is dry. This can also be used on a daily basis and mostly when the weather starts getting colder to protect your skin.

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