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Once you try The Hot Towel Shave, you will be back!

Once you try The Hot Towel Shave, you will be back!

Whether you have a short beard, a full beard or a clean shave going to a barber can be beneficial. I am sure you must have heard the words “Hot Towel Shave” and I will be explaining in more detail what it is.

The barber will be preparing your skin and opening your pores to get a closer shave and also to avoid irritation. A Full Hot Towel Shave starts with cleansing of the full facial skin to remove any dirt, oil or dry skin from your face. You can also choose to add a post-shave cooling mask too!

A hot towel will be placed on your face to open the pores and pre-shave oil is applied to soften the bristles of your beard while messaging the skin, which helps you feel stress-free and relaxed, this will also help with blood circulation.

Shaving cream is applied with a shaving brush and applied in a rotation motion; this will help to cleanse the skin under the beard and to pull any ingrown hair.

Barbers use disposable blades and a new blade is placed for each client. The Barber will start the shave by following the direction of the hair growth.

Once the shave is ready the barber will clean the skin from any remaining shaving cream and apply a cold towel, this will help to close the pores to avoid any bacteria getting in.

The final touch is the After Shave Balm, applied around the facial hair area to rehydrate the skin and messaging the skin at the same time. 


This type of shave helps avoid skin irritations due to razor burns and rashes.  It also helps to keep your skin clean and looking healthy and improves the level of protection of your skin.

You can finish off this treatment by adding our Barber Pro Post Shave cooling mask as the serum will cool the skin, as well as hydrating and nourishing the area, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and smooth.

Once you experience this treatment, you will understand all the benefits of this service.  And why not?  You deserve some pampering, getting away from your daily stress and at the same time, if you look good, you feel good!!!

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